Home carpet advantage know how much

2019-09-10 17:14:19 zhongqi 0

In modern life, the use of carpet everywhere, from the ordinary office carpets, mats, carpets and other floor, Home Furnishing school practical carpet to valuable New Zealand wool carpet and carpet. Can be described as a wide variety of carpets, the price is not a. So, compared to other than the carpet shop floor features, in the end what is the advantage?

The carpet has six advantages, such as high practical value, strong artistic atmosphere and cheap carpet price:

First, the decorative environment: the carpet is a decorative and practical arts and crafts, and interior decoration materials, beautify the living environment. The carpet has rich design and color, you can in accordance with their own unique personal hobbies and environment, such as coordinate with walls, furniture, choose suitable carpet to create your personalized art space, become fashion elements master self display style, can make your sweet artistic atmosphere is elegant, happy.

Two, sound absorption and noise reduction in carpets and other floor materials, with excellent sound-absorbing effect, is one of the most effective acoustic materials, can absorb indoor echo noise, reduce sound reflection by the ground and spread the walls, creating a quiet environment and office environment Home Furnishing.

Three, insulation, heat conduction: carpet is rigid pavement material has a thermal resistance, floor heating heating form more good thermal effect, and increase the warm and comfortable.

Four, safety, non slip: walking on the carpet, not easy to slip, but also because of the carpet of soft elasticity, will reduce the possibility of injury caused by falls, especially for the elderly and children, can play a role in safety protection.

Five, shock, comfortable: on soft and elastic carpet, feel completely relaxed and comfortable, reduce fatigue, there will be no ground and hard soles frequently touch attack.

Six, dust, environmental protection: because of the carpet carpet surface for intensive pile structure, so the fate of dust from the air by adsorption pile carpet, preventing fugitive dust, relatively reduce the dust content in the air, and the temperature balance, keep indoor air clean for.

Understand the basic advantages of the carpet, the popularity of the carpet will no doubt. In short, comfortable foot feeling, gorgeous colors, low price, can be in different regional characteristics such as the use of the carpet edge, high price is more other floor and not.