In the face of the market winter, the carpet industry to break the ice!

2019-09-10 17:13:24 zhongqi 1

At present, although the main industrial country is part of the economic rebound, but the global financial crisis is far from clear when the development prospects are very bright. The domestic economy is under pressure overlapping cyclical and structural adjustment, together with the national housing pressure against Official business expenses and other factors, many industries including carpet industry, are subject to a hitherto unknown impact. In addition to market factors, the domestic carpet raw materials prices, labor costs, operating costs remain high, but also makes the Chinese carpet industry worse, the situation is not optimistic.

In the face of this situation, many industry insiders believe that carpet companies should take advantage of this opportunity, by accelerating the training of talents, optimize the internal structure, pay close attention to the fine management, improve the quality of the products, Lianhaoneigong, to prepare for a new economic recovery. Some management experts on the one hand enterprises should strive to reduce inventories, including inventories of various raw materials, finished goods inventory; on the other hand, reduce the residence time in the production process of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, accelerate the production cycle, reduce capital occupancy in the production process; at the same time, to ensure the products the quality, reduce the cost of failure due to quality problems. I began to move from time to time, launched a comprehensive fine management activities from last year, this year is the reform of the management system, started the "two first venture" battle, in the turbulent market changes in a foothold.

Vice president of China Textile Industry Association, Yang Donghui, President of China Home Textile Industry Association, said that at present, China's carpet production compared with foreign countries, there is a certain gap. At the same time, in the color and pattern, but also to the products of these countries. In fact, this is due to the lack of enterprise design capabilities.

Zhang Yufen, executive vice president of China Arts and Crafts Association carpet Specialized Committee also holds this view. She believes that low-cost dumping and design of imitation, copy, has been restricting the further development of China's carpet industry problems. At the same time, the domestic market development efforts, but also to a certain extent, affected the production of carpet. Many industry experts believe that in the current traditional commercial carpet market is facing a crucial period for a major turning point, the old road will only become narrower and narrower, piaffe will only be eliminated, Chinese carpet industry to go farther and better, only based on the original market stability, to cultivate and develop new market demand, and the reality is the carpet market and emerging cultural, sports, leisure and other public venues. However, although the potential demand for household carpet is very large, and the family decoration industry also has been accepted by some people, but the past wrong idea influence, the carpet into the family still have a long way to go, it still needs the joint efforts of enterprises in the industry association and the carpet, can make a difference.

We believe that the transformation process in this wave and the carpet industry, and only those who unremittingly change over time, focus on the core competitiveness of enterprises to create their own carpet, can talent shows itself, become the leader in the same industry, peace through the "winter", ushered in the warm spring.